AFIPO’s exclusive music video collaboration with Nissim Black!

Join Nissim as he embodies the fighting spirit of the Maccabees and confidently trains for a boxing match in “Victory.”

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“Victory” has received extensive positive coverage in the media with Billboard calling it a “Hanukkah Song to Light Up This Year.” Kosha Dillz writes, “If you haven’t heard of Nissim Black, he is probably the most unique man to see during Hanukkah. He plays everything from the Chosen Comedy Festival in Miami for thousands of people to a show at the Grove in Hollywood, and new song details his personal journey with God and the fight knocking out an Assyrian Greek soldier. A big theme is darkness to light, and you can tell the video was thought out perfectly in this boxing ring.”

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The Jerusalem Post Staff describe the “Victory” as focusing on “taking a stance against anti-Jewish discrimination as well as the story of Hanukkah.”

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Alan Zeitlin from Jewish News Syndicate highlights the song and video for showing defiance in the face of rising antisemitism. Zeitlin writes, “produced in conjunction with Friends of the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra, he raps ‘small in numbers but we’re strong now/we share the news and show the world how/we didn’t fall down.’ While he first shadowboxes, he eventually knocks the helmet off someone appearing to be dressed as a Greek soldier with a punch.”

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