Donor Recognition

The American Friends of the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra is delighted to recognize and thank our sustaining donors. The following list includes those who have contributed $5,000 or more to the annual fund and special events since January 2020.


Diane Belfer
Rita and Charles Bronfman
Judy and Stewart Colton
Helgard Field-Lion and Irwin Field
The Rosalinde and Arthur Gilbert Foundation
Shelley and Chaim Katzman
Rochelle and David A. Hirsch
Ingeborg and Ira L. Rennert
Carol Schussler
Marilyn Ziering


Wilf Family Foundations
Joan A. Payden
Lily Safra
Daniel Abrutyn
The Annenberg Foundation
Arlene Blau
Stacey Bronfman
Joyce Eisenberg-Keefer and Mel Keefer
Tamar and Milton S. Maltz
Jane Stern Lebell and Don Lebell
Annette and Peter O’Malley
Natalie Roberts
Gloria Schusterman
Shelters for Israel
Victoria and Ronald Simms
Eta and Sass Somekh


Diane and Guilford Glazer Philanthropies
Elana and Aryeh Bourkoff
The Morris and Beverly Baker Foundation
H. Robert Cohen
Steinway & Sons
Felice and Richard Cutler
Roni and James Ackerman
Camille and Arnon Adar
AHBA, Inc.
Joan and Edward Cohen
The Leonard and Sophie Davis Fund
Suzanne and Jacob Doft
Sara and Charles Fabrikant
Barbara Fremont and Lora Fremont
Ruth Gold
Renee Kumetz and Robert Hirsch
Sandra and Jeffrey Justin
Natalie Katz
Koret Foundation
Jo Carole and Ronald S. Lauder
Polly and Jonathan Levine
William S. and Ina Levine Foundation
Hedy Orden z”l and Family
Tricia and Jason Pantzer
Pamela and Edward Pantzer
Lenna Perlman
Penny and Claudio Pincus
Judith and Burton Resnick
Linda and Tony Rubin
Lisa and Alex Sandel
Suki Sandler
Catherine Mayer and Martin Selig
Hadar Shemtov
Eva and Marc Stern
Lynn Syms
May and Richard Ziman
Rivka Saker and Uzi Zucker


Wendy and Dennis Fisher
Alex Roepers
Martha and Barry Berkett; Judy and Robert T. Flesh; Helen and Moshe Sassover
Botnick-Wolfensohn Foundation
Manfried Glucksmann
Gil Mileikowsky
Sheryl and David Wiener
Estate of Yvonne Levy
Vivian and Miguel Barg
Eli and Edyth Broad Foundation
Caryl Englander
Feintech Family
Carole and Michael L. Friedman
Kfir Gavrieli
Rachel Gindi
Arlene and Morris Goldfarb
Michael L. Gordon
Elaine and Richard L. Hirsch
Ryan Kavanaugh
George Klein
Amanda and Steven Kofsky
Lynn Harris Leshem and Matti Leshem
Sharon Levine Corzine and Jon Corzine
Michael Meldman
Ruth and Theodore N. Mirvis
Sabina Nasser
Varda Rabin
Lois Rosen
Lydia Shorenstein
Lili Stawski
Bonnie and Steven E. Stern
Elaine and James D. Wolfensohn
Diane and Howard Zack
Ellen Bronfman-Hauptman and Andrew Hauptman
Jeanne Sorenson Siegel and Herbert J. Siegel


Amanda Gimble and Myron S. Glucksman
Linda and Maynard Brittan
Robert W. Gottesman
Fred P. Hochberg
The Jack and Pearl Resnick Foundation
Amy and Ralph Sinsheimer
Stacey and Michael Bennett
Mickey and Lawrence Beyer
Linda and Martin H. Blank, Jr.
Roberta and Stanley Bogen
Bruce Daitch
Sako and William S. Fisher
Marjorie and Stephen Fiverson
Shoshana and Joel R. Fogel
Mary Ann Fribourg
Ann and Robert Fromer
Amanda Gimble and Myron Glucksman
Nancy and Stephen Grand
Mindy and Jonathan Gray
Anita Guttman
Ellen and Kamran Hakim
Britt and Eliyahou Harari
Fred P. Hochberg and Tom Healy
Linda and Michael Jesselson
Batya Kahane
Alice and Nahum Lainer
Susan and Moses Libitzky
Estate of Hannah P. Mallin
Susan and Morris Mark
Deborah McLeod, Gagosian
Nash Family Foundation
Benjamin Perelman
Lisa Pritzker
Sarah and Kurt Rappaport
Savills Inc.
Seed the Dream Foundation
Mor and Benjamin Shapiro
Jennifer and Benjamin Silverman
Bui and Herbert Simon
Ralph Sinsheimer, Solaris Advisors
Marian and Abraham Sofaer
Allison and Leonard Stern
The Harold I. and Faye B. Liss Foundation
Judith Taubman
Robbi and Bruce Toll
Lauren and John Veronis
The Gunther & Blossom Sprecher Legacy Trust


Dianne and Tad Taube
Michele and Martin Cohen
Jonathan Yaron
Joan and Jack Saltz
Susie and Mitchell Rice
Fern Schad and Alfred Moses
Carol Kekst
Larry Heyman
Karen and Henry Glanternik
Janice Feldman
Nili Lotan and David Broza
Chara Schreyer and Gordon Freund
Ileana Brief
Nathan Brief
Barbara Daniell
Fritzi Kohn de Brief
Ide and David E. Dangoor
The Kekst Family
Evelyn & Norman Feintech Family Foundation
Jean and Jerome Friedman
Rox and Abner Goldstine
Steven M. Karbank
Carole and Ted Krumland
Heidi Learner
Nina and Daniel Libeskind
Yasmin and Oren Lukatz
Carol and Melvin Newman
Susan and William Oberndorf
Taube Philanthropies
Miguel Pinkas Bauer
Wendy and Ken Ruby
Zalman Shoval
Alice and Thomas Tisch
Lizzie and Jonathan Tisch
William and Jerry Ungar Foundation
Tali and Boaz Weinstein
Noemi and Meyer Zafrany
Katie and J.J. Abrams
Herta and Paul Amir
Sylvia and Stanley Applebaum
Ann and David Becker
Judith Bergman
Marion and Stanley Bergman
Ann Bialkin
Adrienne and Peter Biberstein
Joan and Stanley Black
Judy and Bernard Briskin
Ronnie Shapiro and Norman Chanes
Gerald Cohen
Irwin Cohen
Julie and Peter Cummings
Gail Daitch
Barbara Daniell
Susanne and Greg Daniels
Wendy and Elliott Eisen
Jan and Ronald Field
Josabeth Fribourg
Michelle and Mike Fries
Sharon and Richard Gabriel
Lori and Bruce Gendelman
Anya and Clive Gillinson
Erika Glazer
Elaine Goldsmith
Diane and Jay Goldsmith
Laurie and Steven C. Gordon
Yoav Gottesman
Grandstand Sports
Fleur and Leonard Harlan
Nicki and J. Ira Harris
Betty and Rodger Hess
Stephen Sass and Steven Hochstadt
Erik Hodge
Alan Honig
Louise Horvitz
Ada and James Horwich
Barbara and Daniel Horwitz
Elaine Kay
Art Kern
Dorothy and Sidney Kohl
Corie and Michael Koss
Linda Landis
Judy and Leonard Lauder
Bonnie Lautenberg
Lyn and Norman Lear
Larry Leeds
Ellen and Irwin Levy
Agnes Lew, East West Bank Lew
Anita Lorber
Oren Lukatz
Christine and Richard Mack
Sondra and David Mack
Emilia Pirro and Mark Mandel
Laura and James I. Maslon
Cheryl and Philip Milstein
Lillian Naveh
Soraya and Younes Nazarian
Nancy and Morris Offit
Marcie and Jordan Pantzer
Barbara and Richard Rosenberg
Diane and Richard Ross
Lyn Ross
Barbara Ruddy
Joan and Alan Safir
Beatrice Santo Domingo
Fiona and Michael Scharf
Pamela and E. Randol Schoenberg
Jordan Schur, Mimran Schur Pictures
Joan and Arnold Seidel
Stanley Silverman
Judy and Robert Snyder
Roselyne Chroman Swig
Abigail and Tanner Tananbaum
Norma Kline Tiefel and William Tiefel
Jane and Mark Wilf
Susan and Ben Winter
George Wasserman Family Foundation
Mimi and Werner Wolfen
Anita and Ronald Wornick

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