Dr. Steve Rothstein – Symphony No. 1: JUDAICA (Days of Awe)


Dr. Rothstein joined us recently for a live discussion and to share some recorded excerpts from his newly composed Symphony No. 1: JUDAICA (Days of Awe), which is inspired by the tunes of the High Holidays. For those of you who were not able to join the discussion live, here is a recording of the call.

Dr. Steve Rothstein is active as a composer, music instructor, and lecturer in the Los Angeles area. He received his PhD in Music Composition from UCLA and he has written numerous works for orchestra, chamber ensembles, wind ensemble, choral groups, and art songs. His works have been performed by the American Youth Symphony, the UC Irvine Symphony, and many others.

Interest in Judaic music led Dr. Rothstein to study at the Brandeis-Bardin Collegiate Institute and the World Union of Jewish Students in Arad, Israel. From 20142023 he served as the Artistic Director of the Judaic Sacred Music Foundation where he was commissioned to compose Symphony No.1 JUDAICA (Days of Awe), a four-movement symphony utilizing liturgical melodies and motives derived from the Jewish High Holiday services. The symphony has been fully recorded with the Bratislava Studio Orchestra, Slovakia and also received its live world premiere in the Fall of 2022 with the Riverside Philharmonic Orchestra, CA.


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