Food and Friends

We are proud to present… Food and Friends!

The video series, exclusively produced by AFIPO, stars Jewish personalities such as West Wing actor Joshua Malina, New York Times bestseller Jake Cohen, and celebrity chef Eitan Bernath. The digital series blends our society’s love of food, music, and community to bring you the best Jewish recipes set to classical music scores.

Joshua Malina Cooks Cholent

Joshua opted for cholent, a traditional and hearty Jewish stew that includes a delicious mix of meat, herbs, and vegetables. Did you know? Jews developed the recipe of Cholent over centuries to be in line with laws that prohibit cooking on the Sabbath.

Joshua chose the Israel Philharmonic’s rendition of Die Moldau by Czech composer Smetana as his soundtrack. Die Moldau (or The Moldau) combines classic European melodies with tones meant to evoke the sounds of the Bohemian countryside.

This Food and Friends episode was produced by Danielle Ames Spivak and directed by Lindsay Ames. 

How can you get involved?

After each episode drops, we will be sharing the recipe, straight from the chef’s kitchen (or, in some cases, a recipe written on an index card from the chef’s bubbie).

We then challenge YOU to make the dish in your own kitchen and share a photo. We will repost your dish on social media and the celebrity chefs could share it, too!

See here for Joshua’s recipe, complete with some grease splatters after the long (but easy) process of cooking cholent.

Try out the dish at home, and make sure to tag us on your social media.

The rest of the series will premiere later this summer, so make sure to sign up for updates to be the first to watch. 😋

Next up in the series is bestselling author and celebrity chef Jake Cohen, who is all set to make one of the most classic and most beloved Israeli dishes of all time. Here’s a hint: The mystery dish is a popular brunch food that pairs perfectly with a crunchy baguette.

P.S. Don’t miss the Israel Philharmonic on tour this fall!

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