A White Cloud of Hope for Israel

We are very excited to share two very special concerts from Spring 2023.  These performances, in collaboration with the Ministry of Education, included over 1,800 students from all over Israel to attend.

In each concert, Conductor Eran Reemy led the orchestra in a program of light classical pieces, and guest artist Miki Gavrielov, a popular Israeli singer, sang two “classic” Israeli songs while the students sang along to the music.

Not only was the audience quite moved by the participation of the children and the beautiful musical program  but many of the musicians played with tears in their eyes.

Seeing the Charles Bronfman Auditorium full of excited children, all dressed in white shirts, was very emotional for everyone!

Irit Rub, Director of the IPO’s education programs, remarked that the inspiring program was a “white cloud of hope” for Israel.

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