A Message of Hope

IPO musicians Micha Davis (trombone) and his wife Shelley Davis (clarinet) together with their children Ben (horn) and Amir (baritone) performing for evacuees from villages near the border to Gaza at a hotel in Netanya.

An orchestra brings many different voices together to create wonderful music in deep harmony. And so it is our hope that we as a society will also succeed in creating unity and brotherhood.

With this hope in our hearts, we invite you to listen to the Israel Philharmonic conducted by Lahav Shani playing “Hatikva”. To listen, click here.

In these difficult days, when large gatherings are prohibited and all cultural events are shut down, the IPO musicians go out voluntarily as individuals and in small ensembles to offer a little comfort through music to the wounded in the hospitals and to families evacuated from villages near the Gaza border. To see IPO musicians Boaz Meirovich (flute), Uzi Shalev (bassoon), and Ron Selka (clarinet) performing for families of evacuees, please click here.

We invite you, your children, and your grandchildren for a light break with beautiful music recorded by our Orchestra for the youngest: “Mozart drops by for a Visit”, “Betty-Hoven”, “My Father always embarrasses me” and the podcast “House of Sounds”. To view, click here.

Take care of yourself and your loved ones!

Hoping for days of peace and quiet.

Am Israel Chai.

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