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I was born in 1958 to a music-loving family; At home, at Kibbutz Nir Chen, we always heard classical music. Later, when the family moved to Ashkelon, I was the nurturer of another former kibbutz member, Eliahu Grinzweig, who was conductor of youth orchestras. With him I started playing the trumpet and a year later I started studying trombone. I was fortunate to learn from great teachers – Ray Farnes, former Philharmonic Orchestra first trombone player, and Joshua Pasternak, my fellow orchestra members today.

During the military service, I was a member of the IDF orchestra conducted by Zico Graziani, and immediately after my release I joined the Haifa Orchestra. Although I joined the Philharmonic Orchestra in 1983, I continued my studies in Chicago with teachers from the best metal brass band in the world, members of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra.

Today I am active in the orchestra’s “key” program as a processor, presenter and performer. My wife, mine, is also an orchestra member, and we educated our four children for the love of music: they are all metal wind instruments!