Israel Philharmonic Pre-Hanukkah Global Celebration

What an incredible show!

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Event Committee:

  • James Ackerman

  • Steven Kofsky

  • Polly Levine

  • Carol Schussler

  • Stacey Bronfman

  • Marsha Lee

  • Tricia Pantzer

  • Ruth Sheetrit

  • Denise Esfandi

  • Matti Leshem

  • Rivka Saker

  • Bianca Roden

  • Richard S. Ziman

Special thanks to our supporters who sponsored this program:

  • Koret Foundation

  • Eli and Edythe Broad Foundation

  • Judith Taubman

  • Sheryl and David Wiener

  • Martha and Barry Berkett, Tom and Judy Flesh, and Helen and Moshe Sassover, in loving memory of Hedy and Ted Orden

Special thanks to our important annual supporters:

  • Roni and James Ackerman

  • Camille and Arnon Adar

  • Byron L. Annis

  • Anonymous

  • Apple Bank for Savings

  • Tzipora Bar Yadin

  • Steven Baral

  • Diane Belfer

  • Linda and Martin H. Blank, Jr.

  • Barbara and James Block

  • Irma and Benjamin Breslauer

  • Linda and Maynard Brittan

  • Rita and Charles Bronfman

  • Stacey Bronfman

  • Jenny and Michael Buchman

  • Joan and Edward Cohen

  • Michele and Martin Cohen

  • Felice and Richard Cutler

  • Barbara Daniell

  • The Joe & Helen Darion Foundation

  • Doris S. Davis

  • The Leonard and Sophie Davis Fund

  • Rosalee and Richard Davison

  • Suzanne and Jacob Doft

  • Mitzi and Stanley Eisenberg

  • Sara and Charles Fabrikant

  • Evelyn and Norman Feintech Family Foundation

  • Helgard Field-Lion and Irwin S. Field

  • Jan and Ronald Field

  • Marjorie and Stephen Fiverson

  • Shoshana and Joel R. Fogel

  • Barbara Fremont

  • Mary Ann Fribourg

  • Amy and Morton Friedkin

  • Carole and Michael L. Friedman

  • Jean and Jerry Friedman

  • Sharon and Richard Gabriel

  • Kfir Gavrieli

  • The Rosalinde and Arthur Gilbert Foundation

  • Diane & Guilford Glazer Philanthropies

  • Amanda Gimble and Myron S. Glucksman

  • Manfried Glucksmann

  • Ruth Gold

  • Roz and Abner Goldstine

  • Chandra and Leonard Gordon

  • Trudy and Bob Gottesman

  • Laura Guthman

  • Anita Guttman

  • Ellen and Kamran Hakim

  • Joan W. Harris

  • Ellen Bronfman-Hauptman and Andrew G. Hauptman

  • Renee Kumetz and Robert Hirsch

  • Rochelle and David A. Hirsch

  • Fred P. Hochberg

  • Stephen Sass and Steven Hochstadt

  • Roberta Holland

  • Louise Horvitz

  • Ada and James Horwich

  • Fred Karren

  • Natalie Katz

  • Shelley and Chaim Katzman

  • Lenore and Fred Kayne

  • Joyce and Mel Keefer

  • Carol Kekst

  • Amanda and Steven Kofsky

  • Carole and Ted Krumland

  • Alice and Nahum Lainer

  • Yael and Amnon Landan

  • Heidi Learner

  • Jane Stern Lebell and Don Lebell

  • Lynn Harris and Matti Leshem

  • Polly and Jonathan Levine

  • Marlene and Fred Levinson

  • Mr. and Mrs. Aaron Levy

  • Ellen and H. Irwin Levy

  • Nina and Daniel Libeskind

  • Susan and Moses Libitzky

  • Ellen Liman

  • Yasmin and Oren Lukatz

  • Sondra and David Mack

  • Laura and James Maslon

  • Talia VanSon and Peter Melnick

  • Ruth and Theodore N. Mirvis

  • Lilian Naveh

  • Susan Neisloss and Tamara Kline

  • Carol and Melvin Newman

  • Nancy and Morris W. Offit

  • Pamela and Edward Pantzer

  • Tricia and Jason Pantzer

  • Shelley and Jeffrey Parker

  • Carmela and Eli Pasternak

  • Joan A. Payden

  • Vicki Reynolds and Murray Pepper

  • Rochelle and M. William Perel

  • Lenna N. Perlman

  • Anne and Nathan Petrowsky

  • Penny and Claudio Pincus

  • Susan and Mel Plutsky

  • Lisa S. Pritzker

  • Varda Rabin

  • Natalie Roberts

  • Nadine and Fred Rosen

  • Barbara and Richard Rosenberg

  • Yvette and Howard Ruby

  • Joan and Jack Saltz

  • Lisa and Alex Sandel

  • Karen and Nathan Sandler

  • Suki Sandler

  • Alice Schoenfeld

  • Chara Schreyer and Gordon Freund

  • Carol Schussler

  • Charles and Lynn Schusterman Foundation

  • Margery Schwartz

  • Rina Scott Cowan

  • Robbin Mitchell and Jeffrey Scruggs

  • Seed the Dream Foundation

  • Joan and Arnold Seidel

  • Catherine Mayer and Martin Selig

  • Hadar Shemtov

  • Gil Shiva

  • Lydia Shorenstein

  • Jennifer and Ben Silverman

  • Victoria and Ronald Simms

  • Judy and Robert N. Snyder

  • Marian and Abraham D. Sofaer

  • Eta and Sass Somekh

  • Evelyn and Avi Spodek

  • Bonnie and Thomas Strauss

  • Roselyne C. Swig

  • Lynn Syms

  • Taube Philanthropies

  • Norma and Bill Tiefel

  • Alice and Thomas Tisch

  • David Weinberg

  • Joan Wilner

  • James D. Wolfensohn

  • Diane and Howard Zack

  • Marilyn Ziering

  • May and Richard S. Ziman

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Pre-Hanukkah Global Celebration

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