Naming Opportunities

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A Seat Forever

Become a permanent member of the IPO family, supporting our endeavors while being a lasting presence at the Bronfman Auditorium in Tel Aviv. A brass plaque will be affixed to your seat with an inscription of your choosing.

  • $2,500: Rows 25 – 37
  • $5,000: Side blocks 1 – 24
  • $7,500: Rows 21 – 24, parterre
  • $10,000: Rows 1 – 20, parterre

A Concert for Life

Endow your very own annual IPO concert in perpetuity! A unique way to honor a friend, relative, or the memory of a loved one, the concert will be titled after the person of your choosing and will remain in the Orchestra’s program forever. Each year at your endowed concert, you will be publicly acknowledged and thanked for making the concert possible and for your generous support of the IPO.

  • $150,000


The IPO history predates the establishment of the State of Israel and its archives include information pertaining to the efforts of its founder, Bronislaw Huberman, as well as programs, posters, letters, memorabilia, tapes, compact discs, videos and articles. Your donation will preserve this rich history, making it available to scholars for research purposes as well as allowing the general public to enjoy it through exhibitions. By contributing at this level we offer you the unique opportunity to name a portion of the archives.

  • $500,000

Musician’s Chair

The IPO is known as the “orchestra of soloists” as its founding members were first-chair musicians from the orchestras of Eastern Europe. Equivalent to a distinguished professorship at a leading university, the gift of endowing a Musician’s Chair will be acknowledged with a musician’s name in every IPO concert program worldwide.

  • $500,000 – $1 million



Concerts in Denim

The Israel Philharmonic Orchestra is dedicated to inspiring young audiences’ through innovative educational programs and special concert series. In keeping with this effort, in 1997 the IPO developed an exciting series, which has served as a pioneer model for orchestras throughout the world – the Concerts in Denim concert series. This annual series is comprised of 5 concerts, subsidized by the IPO and presenting the world’s finest conductors and soloists in a unique and informal atmosphere at a low ticket price.
The concerts are moderated by a well-known personality, who provides information about the music and the musicians, interviews the conductor/soloist on-stage, and adds a dimension of “fun” to the experience. The series attracts young audiences, cultivates their love of music, and breaks pre-existing barriers between these audiences and the concert experience.

  • $2,000,000 Name the series for ten years

Israel Defense Forces

Support the IPO and IDF with a combined gift. Each year the Orchestra offers IDF members free tickets to concerts and provides assistance to their orchestra.

  • $2,000: Music instruction for members of the IDF Orchestra including sessions with IPO musicians
  • $2,500: Subsidizes 100 IDF soldiers to attend an IPO concert
  • $20,000: Subsidizes 1,000 IDF soldiers to attend an IPO concert

Ticket Subsidy Program

Each year, the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra’s Ticket Subsidy Program affords Israeli music students the opportunity to purchase IPO concert tickets at the Bronfman Auditorium at an 85% discount. In addition to attending the concerts, the students are also invited to meet with the IPO’s Education Director and an Orchestra member an hour before the performance. This project has long-term benefits for the students who are participating in a program which enriches their education with musical curriculums developed by the IPO.

  • $100,000